What to know about smart home products and services

Consumers and homebuyers should be prepared to spend a lot more on smart home technology as the industry shifts toward more complex home appliances.With the proliferation of smart thermostats and smart lights, many people are taking the plunge and purchasing more sophisticated devices.But they are also becoming more likely to have a home that is […]

The Best Smart Home Accessories to Keep in Your Home

The best smart home accessories to keep in your home are all worth the price, says an expert.The best Smart Home accessories to stay away from are the ones that make you think you are home alone and make you feel like your own house.“Smart home” is an umbrella term for a suite of devices […]

Lenovo’s smart home technology company, SmartHome, to announce the first fully automated home for IoT devices

Lenovo’s SmartHome technology company SmartHome will unveil its first fully autonomous home this week.The company says it will start testing autonomous home systems at its global headquarters in Singapore this week and will be rolling out its product at a later date.The announcement comes at a time when smart home manufacturers are struggling to deliver […]

How to find out if your smart home is connected

How to connect a smart home?That’s what a number of the gadgets at the heart of the smart home industry are for.These include the smart plugs and smart home hubs that allow you to control your home from your smartphone, smart TVs, home security cameras and so on.If you’ve got your own smart home to […]

Google’s new smart home assistant ‘Siri’ is the smartest smart home accessory ever written

Google has released a new smart homes assistant that is smart enough to figure out your needs and schedule appointments to your house, according to a report.Siri is a Google app that’s designed to be able to answer any question you might have and will respond to any command from you.That makes it perfect for […]

Why you should buy a smart home smart home, even if you’re not interested in the gadgets

It’s no secret that we’re addicted to smart home devices, but it’s hard to ignore the many ways they can help keep us entertained, busy and entertained at home.Smart home devices offer many options, including smart lights, thermostats, smart thermostat systems, smart lights and more, and they offer many ways to interact with them.If you […]

Amazon smart home speaker: $3,000 or less for a great sound, with Alexa speaker

Posted October 02, 2019 08:33:37Amazon smart home speakers have been a hot topic of conversation in the past few years, with some even claiming to be more affordable than a traditional speakers.And for many people, the best way to get one is with a cheap Amazon Echo or Amazon Tap, which can be a great […]

The Lutron Smart Home Essentials

Smart little homes are all about smart things.From the small size to the ability to keep a smart phone in your pocket or laptop on your lap, there are smart things to get started with.Here’s what you need to know about smart home basics.Smart Things to Get Started WithSmartThings is a home automation service and […]

How to connect your HGTV smart home hub to Hgtv, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and more

How to add Alexa and Apple Home to a HgtV smart TV with Alexa and Amazon Echo.¬†What you’ll need: The following devices and apps to add Amazon Alexa to a smart TV.Alexa – A free app for your Amazon Echo device.Amazon Alexa – This app is a free app on the Amazon website.Amazon Echo – […]

How to get rid of your home automation smart home button

Smart home button: When you buy a smart home hub, it’s probably going to have some buttons.It may have a light or a button, and you may even get one that can wake your lights.But there’s one that’s going to be most important when you buy your smart home: The home automation button.It’s probably a […]