Exzel smart homes and smart home products will arrive in Canada

Exzel Home Products and Solutions announced Monday that it has launched its first smart home and home automation products in Canada, with products including Exzel Smart Home Pro, Exzel Light, Exzoom, and Exzook.The products are being developed in partnership with the company and include products designed to help homeowners reduce energy consumption and improve home […]

How to turn your Apple TV into a smart home smart watch

It’s easy to lose track of how much time and effort you spend using your AppleTV to watch Netflix or your favorite podcast.The company recently updated its TV app to give you a way to monitor how long you spend watching the service, but you still need to log in every time you turn on […]

What’s next for Hulu and Netflix?

This week’s podcast featured guest host Jeff Sharlet, a producer and producer of the hit Hulu show “Savage Love,” which features two former contestants who become friends and fall in love, before going on to find themselves in the same situation over and over again. The show has garnered over a million viewers on Hulu and […]

How to find the best smart home smart home com and smart home definitions

What do smart home terms mean?A smart home is a computer or device that monitors and controls various devices, including lights, thermostats, fans, and more.A smart hub, which can also be a hub for a home automation system, monitors and connects devices.And it’s easy to think of a smart home as a small home, but […]

What’s the latest on blue smart home items and smart home technology?

Smart home appliances and home smart technologies have been on the rise in recent years, but some smart home products and home products like smart thermostats are still being sold without proper certification or certification certification standards.A new smart home industry standard that’s designed to address this, called the Blue Smart Home Certification Program, has […]

The best smart home accessories for your home

Smart home accessories are the key to creating a smart home that’s easy to use, fun to watch and more affordable than you’d think.We’ve compiled a list of the best smart-home accessories for the home.Read more: Smart home accessories can be a bit pricey at first, but they’re worth the investment to make sure you […]

What smart home gadgets are out there?

Today, Recode is launching a new app called Smart Home Overview.The app is intended to answer the questions we’ve all been asking: What smart products do we need to keep track of and how?How can we make them smart?And, what do we do if our smart home doesn’t work?The app is built around the concept […]

Crestron Smart Home Hub Hub: Crestron announces new smart home hub, home automation and remote control

Crestron Inc. said on Thursday it has unveiled the new Crestron smart homes hub, a home automation hub and remote controller.The Crestron Home Hub, which goes on sale in April, is a combination of the Crestron Hub and Crestron Remote Control and features a 12-inch, 13,500-watt color display, a digital clock and an accelerometer for […]

Jeedom Smart Home Appliances

Lennar Smart Home Furnishings has unveiled a new line of smart home appliances that can be controlled remotely from a smartphone.The smart home product is the latest addition to a growing collection of smart house brands that have been growing in popularity with consumers and home-owners alike.“Lennar has been a leader in the market since […]

How to get an AI smart home system to take care of your body and mind in an automated way

Smart Home Systems are the newest technology on the market.These systems are designed to provide you with all the necessary amenities, like entertainment, medical care, and social interaction, without having to worry about them having to be replaced by another smart home solution.They are also increasingly becoming a way to keep your home energy efficient.And […]