What you need to know about the home smart home industry

There’s been a lot of buzz around the home network lately, with a lot going on around smart home products, which is to say the tech sector’s been largely left out of the market discussions.That’s largely because of the rise of Google, Apple, Amazon, Samsung, and others, but also because of their dominance in the […]

How to install smart home diffusers and solvers in your home

You may have noticed that smart home appliances are getting a lot of buzz lately.While most of the time, we’re talking about the more popular ones like thermostats, smoke detectors and refrigerators, there’s also a lot more sophisticated devices out there.And many of them can be installed using simple DIY techniques.In this article, we’ll look […]

How to turn your smart home into a pulsing home hub

As you’ve probably noticed, smart home devices have become increasingly popular in recent years.They’re now a huge part of every home, and it’s hard to not be excited by the possibilities.But the devices that come with them are often pretty pricey, and there’s a lot of room for error.So we wanted to know how to […]

‘Ghetto’ home in New York City for ‘Gotham’ actor is built from recycled bricks

New York, New York—In 2014, a neighborhood in the heart of the boroughs financial district became the center of a new industry when a construction company made a home for “Gothams” actor Michael Emerson.Emerson was in town for “The Batman,” an upcoming DC Comics superhero series starring Jason Momoa, and he had been invited to […]

How smart home hubs are being built in India

Smart home hubs in India are being designed to help users navigate around the internet and make life easier for their families.A recent study by the Centre for Development Studies (CDS) of the University of Hyderabad (UNH) found that nearly half of the Indian population use smart home devices, including smart thermostats, light switches and […]

When Will Wink and Lyric Come Out With Smart Home Ideas?

When will Wink and lyric come out with smart home ideas?The smart home is going to be the biggest category of our future.It’s already changing how we live.There are millions of smart devices that are on our homes and in our cars, in our homes, in the homes of people around the world.As smart devices […]

When is the next smart home tablet coming?

Smart home devices have been around for decades, but the technology has matured considerably over the past few years.Today, we’re seeing devices that are designed for a more holistic approach to home automation, and are expected to offer a more seamless user experience, including remote control, smart thermostat, smart lightbulbs and more.The best of the […]

How to use an app to automate the whole house

The first smart home appliance from GE is a smart thermostat that can tell you when it’s too hot, and how much heat to let you get.The product comes with two batteries, which can last for a day or two.GE says it will have three batteries for $1,500.And it will only charge them in 10 […]

Why we don’t need smart home products to replace home appliances

Smart home gadgets may not replace the traditional appliances of the past, but they do offer an alternative to the traditional household appliance that was a key component of home life until the arrival of smart technology.Smart gadgets, as their name implies, provide a convenient way to control and monitor the devices and appliances in […]

How to make a smart home smarter

We’ve all been there.You’re at home, you’ve got a TV in your living room, but there’s nothing smart to see or hear.The problem?You have a smart TV that can’t recognize the presence of your TV.The smart home is the most important part of the smart home — and the most expensive one.But it’s also the […]