Crestron Smart Home Hub Hub: Crestron announces new smart home hub, home automation and remote control

Crestron Inc. said on Thursday it has unveiled the new Crestron smart homes hub, a home automation hub and remote controller.The Crestron Home Hub, which goes on sale in April, is a combination of the Crestron Hub and Crestron Remote Control and features a 12-inch, 13,500-watt color display, a digital clock and an accelerometer for […]

Jeedom Smart Home Appliances

Lennar Smart Home Furnishings has unveiled a new line of smart home appliances that can be controlled remotely from a smartphone.The smart home product is the latest addition to a growing collection of smart house brands that have been growing in popularity with consumers and home-owners alike.“Lennar has been a leader in the market since […]

How to get an AI smart home system to take care of your body and mind in an automated way

Smart Home Systems are the newest technology on the market.These systems are designed to provide you with all the necessary amenities, like entertainment, medical care, and social interaction, without having to worry about them having to be replaced by another smart home solution.They are also increasingly becoming a way to keep your home energy efficient.And […]

Smart Home Calendar,Smart Home Apk,Hal Smart Home: Watch News

Smart Home calendars and smart home apps like Hal’s Smart Home calendar, smart home apK, and Hal’s smart home smart home app are among the best on the market.This is because smart home calendars and apps have the most customizable layouts and features.Hal Smart Home offers several different calendars that can be used for personal, […]

What to know about the new Vera smart-home control system

Smart-home doorbells are a popular option for controlling smart devices, but a brand new control system developed by the company will make it easier for you to control them.Vera’s new control app is now available to consumers in the App Store and Google Play.The app allows you to turn your phone on or off to […]

Why you should be looking for a smart home in 2019

The smart home is a big topic in the home, and a big part of the reason for that is that the technologies we’re using to build smart homes are getting smarter and smarter.The latest tech comes from companies like Amazon, Apple and Microsoft.And while the smart home may have moved into a larger market […]

Google smart home deals

Google has launched two smart home brands for the UK market, smart home products that make it easier to integrate smart devices into homes and to integrate them into homes with the help of a smartphone or tablet.The new products are Gewiss Smart Home, which sells smart lights, and the Gewix Smart Home System, which […]

When is the perfect smart home for you?

From the start, Revanta was clear on its intent to offer the best possible smart home solution.“We’ve had an amazing customer experience for years with Revantas products,” Revantak said.“We are focused on the consumer, the user and the product.”To help ensure its customers get the best experience, Revereas also built its own platform for developers, […]

How to save a $150,000 smart home and the cash you need to buy it

If you are planning on buying a smart home, you might want to get the best price before you start looking for the best deals.In fact, we’ve created a smart house list to help you choose the best deal you can find online.This list is a work in progress.We are still working out some of […]

New NFL smart home app, smart home technology: Here’s what’s on the market

Smart home products have become increasingly popular in recent years, but there’s no doubt that smart home hardware is the next big thing.There’s a lot of buzz about new products that are expected to revolutionize how we interact with our devices, but until now, the products have all been developed in secret.Today, the big smart […]